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Maestro is Realis Real Estate Software's flagship product. For 10 years Maestro has set the industry standard for simplifying and organizing the complex, evolving workflow associated with marketing and managing REO properties. 

Streamline your portfolio with Prelude, the innovative short sale management tool that makes it easier to manage multiple deals from contact to closing. Prelude provides at-a-glance access to borrower and mortgage information, property, BPO, listing history, and the other information you need to stay organized.

Realis Real Estate Software

Real estate management software designed for your peace of mind

Realis Real Estate Software designs and develops real estate management software tools with one goal: to make it easier for you to orchestrate the complex workflow associated with managing multiple real estate sales in a constantly evolving regulatory environment.

Our suite of software for real estate tools is designed to allow you to increase your property load, while maintaining a manageable work flow. When you use these tools to their full potential, old fashioned property tracking methods like juggling paper folders and hard copy spreadsheets begin to seem like a bad dream of inefficiency, squandered profits, and needless stress.

Composed by real estate professionals just like you.

Veteran REO agent Lauren Roberts came together with developers Deb and Mike Shupe in 2001 because they recognized the need for a comprehensive, state of the art property tracking tool targeted specifically to address the slim profit margins and fierce competition of the REO niche. Maestro quickly became the industry standard in REO software for real estate agents, thanks to:

  • Its flexibility and ease of use
  • Its almost infinite scalability
  • Attention to data security
  • Outstanding customer service
  • Personal, responsive technical support

Today, we build these same characteristics into every piece of software for real estate professionals we develop, applying compelling insights from years of industry experience – along with feedback from our clients – to create comprehensive solutions for the REO, short sale real estate and traditional real estate fields.

No matter what kind of real estate you specialize in, no matter how many properties you have, regardless of whether you work solo or orchestrate an office full of agents and brokers, Realis Real Estate Software has a tool designed to change the way you conduct your business.



Kelly Adams Cooley, Adams AMI

"We are in our 5th year using maestro and have found it to be a very easy platform implement. The transition was seamless. New team members are easily trained and they find it easy to understand and are up and going in no time at all. The field reports are invaluable. The overview of all property dispositions as a broker and team leader is great. We find we are more efficient in our work and communication with one another. Service to our clients is greatly improved as a result. Thank you maestro for allowing us to improve our business."

David Cohen, GSIG, LLC

"Maestro has the best reporting functionality.  Also, it is a desktop application not a web based application, which I love because it is quick to respond and reliable like outlook vs webmail.  The custom fields are excellent, it gives us the flexibility to create any report we want.  We are able to access our files locally on our own server so the speed to access the files is 10 times as fast as if we have to upload them to a web app and we can back the data up ourselves so we don’t have to rely on others to do it."